Dibujo final de Consol (4)


Celebrating the wedding of Natalia and Onno on 17-09-2011





The meaning of it all...

The text on the invitation reads "Eres mi luz y quiero ser la tuya" and translates into "You are my light and I want to be yours". Despite its seemingly religious origin it is in fact a line that Onno puzzled together with the 50 Spanish words he knew at the time and wrote them on a Valentine's card to Natalia. It attempts to convey three things but this really depends on who and when you ask:

  • With you I can see things I never saw before

  • You brighten up my day and wrap me in a warm blanket of light

  • I want to do the same for you


Whether it was beginner's luck or pure brilliance on Onno's part is a point of dispute but the fact remains that the line stuck...

The text

The only thing we needed now was a drawing or painting to bring the text to life.  Unfortunately, we don't have the artist's eye, let alone the hand. So we asked (read: persuaded kindly but firmly) Consuelo, Natalia's mother, to give it a shot. She was an avid painter in the past but hadn't taken up the brush for some years. After several sketches she came up with the painting you see on the invitation and in magnified form in the background of this site. Whenever we look at it we hear the words  "Eres me luz..." in our ears and vice versa, so we couldn't wish for anything better!



So there you have it: the meaning of it all...


The artwork