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Celebrating the wedding of Natalia and Onno on 17-09-2011







- Natalia & Onno -




On September 17th we are going to get married!

To make this special day an unforgettable one, we want to share it

with people that mean a lot to us and the day would not be

the same without you.



The wedding will take place at La Baronia in Sant Feliu de Codines

not too far from Barcelona. A bus will depart from Barcelona city centre

at 3pm to take you to the civil ceremony starting at 4pm.


After the ceremony, we’ll have a chance to catch up and enjoy some sunshine (hopefully) and drinks & tapas (for sure) in the garden.

When the sun makes way for the moon we’ll move to the pool area

for an informal dinner-cocktail after which the unmistakable sound

of dancing feet will echo between the mountains.


The bus is scheduled to bring you back to Barcelona at 2am, but do

let us know if you would like us to arrange earlier transport.


More practical information will be posted on our website: www.eresmiluz.com



We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!


    Onno                                                                                             Natalia

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