Dibujo final de Consol (4)


Celebrating the wedding of Natalia and Onno on 17-09-2011





Getting there

Friday 16th: bar


If you happen to be in Barcelona on the evening of the 16th, do join us for informal drinks, tapas and laughs at Sagardi! We will be there from 19:00 but we haven't hired the bar so asking people at random about how they know Natalia and Onno might result in the occasional blank stare.


You can walk to Sagardi (Calle Argenteria, 62, 08003) from Plaza Catalunya in about 15 minutes. Alternatively, the closest metro station is Jaume I. To see the location of Sagardi on the map just click on the picture on the right.  



Saturday 17th: bus


The bus will pick you up at 15:00 in front of from Hard Rock Café in Plaza Catalunya (Plaça de Catalunya, 21, 08002). When you walk in the Ramblas to Plaza Catalunya you can find the Hard Rock Café on the right hand side. Alternatively, click on the photo on the right to locate the Hard Rock Café on the map.


The bus belongs to the company called "Sarbus" and will display the by now well know “Sun-Moon” drawing as well as our names (Natalia & Onno). To leave nothing to chance we have also deployed our most powerful weapon: Joost, a long-time friend of Onno's. Joost has kindly agreed to become the key contact person for the bus and will usher you in. You can find his mug shot on the right.


If you run into trouble (e.g. you cannot find the bus or -god forbid!- are struggling to get there in time) please call him on his mobile. Unfortunately he was pick pocketed in Kuala Lumpur recently -did we warn you about the pick pockets on Las Ramblas already??- so we can't share his phone number at the moment. However, his new phone number will appear here: +31 610 042 119


Please keep in mind that we have intstructed the bus to adhere to Dutch (not Spanish) punctuality!



Saturday 17th: driving


For those driving there, La Baronia is located just after San Feliu de Codines. (Crta. de Mollet a Moià (C-59), km 23.800 08182 -Sant Feliu de Codines).


You will need to leave the village behind and keep driving for approximately 5 minutes. The manor house can be seen in the distance on the left hand side  Once you reach kilometer 23.800, take the road left and follow it until you reach the manor. Be aware that it is a small dirt road marked “private” with a small sign for La Baronia.


It will take you roughly 40min from Plaza Catalunya.

Sagardi Joost Hard rock cafe La Baronia