Dibujo final de Consol (4)


Celebrating the wedding of Natalia and Onno on 17-09-2011





If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend looking for accommodation close to one of the following metro stations:

  • Plaza de Catalunya

  • Girona

  • Liceu

  • Diagonal

  • Urquinaona

  • Universitat

  • Jaume I


Click on the "M"

 for metro info

Where to stay?

Of course, this is not set in stone and there are many interesting areas in Barcelona. However, just keep in mind that the bus will depart from and return to Plaza de Catalunya so you might want to avoid being too far from the centre (althogh taxis are relatively cheap).


We have looked into making a deal with one of the many hotels but it appears that better deals can be had via e.g. www.booking.com. To avoid disappointments, make sure to check out the reviews at www.tripadvisor.com!


Note that we will be spending our wedding night at La Baronia so there is no"wedding hotel" in Barcelona.


What to wear?

Don't ask us! We have enough trouble picking something ourselves already... But if we were to give you some advice it would be cocktail attire for the ladies. The men can leave their black or white ties at home. However, experience teaches us that the wedding pictures look better when you are elegantly intoxicated rather than just intoxicated so you might want to consider wearing a suit (jacket).


Although the temperature can reach 25 degrees Celsius or more during the day, the evening can be a bit chilly, especially since we'll be at 500m above sea level. As we will spend most of the time outside, we recommend our femaie guests to pack something to wrap around your shoulders as well.

What to give?

Uhm... nothing.  We travel light, and we value experiences over material things. Or at least, that is what we tell ourselves. In any case, your presence is the best present you can give. However, if you are really really set on an additional gift you could make a small donation to help us realize our dream of making a documentary. Don't be surprised when your name pops up in the closing credits.