Dibujo final de Consol (4)


Celebrating the wedding of Natalia and Onno on 17-09-2011





About the day

To give you a bit of a feel for what the day will bring, we've added a brief (and non-binding: we're in Spain after all!) program below.


There's no way we can be subtle about it so we won't even try: don't forget to binge on your favorite cocktails during the pre-dinner lounge!



3:00 pm   -   Bus leaves from Plaza Catalunya


4:00 pm   -   Civil ceremony


4:45 pm   -   Drinks & tapas


6:30 pm   -   Lounge & cocktails


7:30 pm   -   Dinner, toasts & cake


10:00 pm -   DJ


2:00 am   -   Bus heads for Plaza Catalunya


10:30 am -   Wake up with a slight hang-over